Outrageous Tales About the CIA’s Secret Time Travel Program: Andrew Basiago

Quoted from a presentation given by Andrew Basiago in 2013 on the CIA secret Mars colonization program, and allegedly stated by Major Ed Dames:

“Of the 97,000 people that we have thus sent to Mars, only 7,000 have survived after 5 years.”



The following interviews and private presentations are posted in no particular order. My posting of this material constitutes neither an endorsement, nor a rebuttal, of the contents therein. I personally find the material fascinating. Beyond that, I am waiting for further evidence and corroboration. Below is the first video. I will add others to this post after they are prescreened for relevance.

In this first video below, titled:

“Andrew Basiago – 2016: Police State

at about 44:55 minutes into it, Andrew begins to discuss the immediate future, i.e. the time period of 2014 – 2016 through 2025, approximately. If you are in a hurry, and want to cut to the chase, just move the video forward to that point and begin listening.

The Secret Colonization of Mars by the US Federal Government via DARPA

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