The Current State of Affairs in 2014 RE: UFOs and Unexplained Aerial Craft

I’ve been investigating UFOs and the [ so called ] Alien Agenda for more than 30 years. That’s a very long time. I have seen many things in the night skies living out west which were impossible to explain away over the decades. I now believe, after more than 30 years of personal research, that at least 60% of what we are seeing in the day skies and night skies, are actually space travel vehicles which are fully owned by the US military, created by reverse engineering alien technology which was traded for decades ago in countless human lives.

Those illegal secret treaties between our government and off-world species were agreed upon in the 1940s and 1950s, and by the early 1960s, I believe our federal government began to realize that “we had been had” RE the so called cooperating treaties which we signed with off-world creatures, many species of which have been using this planet as a subterranean home for many tens of thousands of years. I actually believe that these creatures are the “tares among the wheat” which Jesus referred to in His many public teachings, which He stated must be allowed to grow along with the “wheat” until the time of the Harvest, lest the good wheat be ruined by trying to remove these “tares” too soon. As always, He was speaking in code, when with a wink and nod, He stated “He who has ears, let him hear.”

At any rate, here in the opening moments of the 21st century, our skies are now literally full of sophisticated “UFOs” which in actuality belong to our US military / industrial complex. These craft have been developed by deploying the frantic reverse engineering of various crashed and apprehended off-world craft, as we find ourselves in the preposterous situation as a nation of having to urgently invent military craft which might possibly have even half of the same firepower, speed and maneuverability, which these creatures routinely have in their own craft, in the vain hopes that we might somehow prevail over them someday. Isn’t karma a bitch?

Meanwhile, most earth bound UFO researchers are still languishing back there in the recent past somewhere  – about 10-15 years ago, when the most popular theory was that the craft we keep seeing were actually real off-world vehicles, paying us all a surveillance visit. Or something. That might have been true now and again, 40 years ago, but I can guarantee you that at least 60% of what we now observe zipping about in our skies – is our military’s final sad little “Hail Mary pass” at trying to protect what’s left of our national security. Those things you are seeing in the skies belong to our own military. But they are not going to do us much good when or if these tares aka parasitic alien underground races, decide to rid the world of humankind and take the resources of this planet for themselves.

Isn’t that exact scenario just about the exclusive plot of every new chiche sci-fi movie made in the past 30 years? Well? I rest my case. Only a genuine SECOND COMING by the Creator Son himself will finally separate the human WHEAT from the test-tube spawned TARES, cleansing the human race of the final vestiges of the filth which arrived on the world about 200,000 years ago when the Lucifer Rebellion swept through our local system. See and read The Urantia Book at for more information about the secret spiritual history of earth which has been kept from humankind for ages.

Copyright Leigh Waters 10.11.2014

Tags: Alien Agenda, UFOS and Human abductions, UFO footage 2013, video footage UFOs, unexplained UFO footage


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