Video Reports on Comet Ison Range from Scientifically Solid, to Strange, to Inexplicable

“Stan, are the aliens going to save us???”

Just as the approach of 12.21.2012 brought with it a deluge of citizen produced alternative news video reports, from the totally credible, possibly brilliant to the utterly foolish and inane, the approach of Comet Ison is inspiring a WIDE range of citizen reporting as well.  Most interesting are some of the Russian news reports.


Oh, the legends, lunacy and lore that approaching comets inspire.

I have gathered up a handful of these alternative news videos covering Comet Ison, all of which I find fascinating, to demonstrate how the passing of a comet brings out all kinds of interesting news coverage: good, bad, awesome, intelligent, far-fetched and even downright difficult to explain.

I found all of these videos to be extremely entertaining. I’m not sure how credible or accurate some of them are, but they are all VERY entertaining, nonetheless. Enjoy.

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Remarkable & Disturbing Facts Brought to Light on Coast Radio 8.29.2013 Show: Linda Moulton Howe, Fukushima, Alien DNA Tampering, Annunaki Hidden History of the World

If you have never listened to an evening of Coast to Coast AM Radio, this is the ONE show you MUST listen to. Jaw dropping. Here it is.  Feel free to share.  The Linda Moulton Howe report begins at 39 minutes 18 seconds.

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