Remarkable & Disturbing Facts Brought to Light on Coast Radio 8.29.2013 Show: Linda Moulton Howe, Fukushima, Alien DNA Tampering, Annunaki Hidden History of the World

If you have never listened to an evening of Coast to Coast AM Radio, this is the ONE show you MUST listen to. Jaw dropping. Here it is.  Feel free to share.  The Linda Moulton Howe report begins at 39 minutes 18 seconds.

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Has a 5,000 Year Old Vimana Flying Craft Been Found by the US Military in Afghanistan?

Adolf Hitler was obsessed with locating ancient vimanas to an extreme degree. Our own US military has picked up where he left off. This radio report featuring Steve Quayle aired on Coast radio in March of this year. I’d love to hear any follow up on this under comments. Include your links too. Thanks.

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