NASA Debuts New Round [ Reverse-Engineering Inspired ] Mars Mission Craft

It only makes sense. Our government has been reverse-engineering captured downed alien craft, aka “UFOs” since at least 1947 or earlier, and lying to the nation and the world about it all those decades. It stands to reason that sooner or later our guys would want to show off some of the great new ideas they got for flying machines while disemboweling the ones they found crash landed on earth. MUFON has documented dozens of cases of crashed off-world craft, often with living EBEs still on board, which were quickly surrounded, quarantined, and scooped up onto canvas covered military trucks and hauled away since the mid 1940s. Most of these ended up either at Dreamland / Area 51, or Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

In fact, the History Channel is now airing several of the long blacklisted news stories of these events in a new series titled “Hangar One: MUFON’s UFO Files” or something like that . And since we will most likely NEVER have a proper official “national disclosure moment” about all of these suppressed activities, paid for by your own tax dollars, what we get instead are cool new TV programs on the History Channel, a sort of bittersweet consolation prize that doesn’t sit too well in the intuitive gut, if you know what I mean. We all know there is MUCH MORE to this story than the FED or the TV will ever tell us about all of this. But it hasn’t stopped the most determined truth investigators at MUFON and other orgs from digging for the real facts about what has taken place.

We owe a real debt of gratitude to the folks, who, although routinely ridiculed and reviled by our cowardly “official scientific community,” continue working tirelessly to expose the hidden truths about America’s secret space program which need to be made known to the American public. After all, whether we ever consented to or not – it’s our tax money that has paid for all of this. If you think I’m a wing nut for writing about it – fine. That doesn’t bother me. I’d rather keep working on my own to KNOW what has really taken place, than sit and let the History Channel feed me just enough half-truth about it to feel like I am somewhat informed. That’s just me.

But I’ve done enough of my own research through the decades to come to the conclusion that not only has our government [ and others ] captured and spirited away down alien craft, living and deceased occupants, along with all of the exotic technology they carried, but I am of the mind that our government has long carried on an alternative “secret space program” whose technological and scientific achievements eclipse what NASA shows us in public by 50 to 100 years or more. With more than 50 trillion accumulative dollars now missing and unaccounted for in the US treasury, they have certainly had no reason to whine that they didn’t have a budget, did they?

I continue to maintain that if enough of us make a large and loud enough noise about all of this, sooner or later the guilty consciences of more whistle-blowers will continue to burn, until they come forward and speak, that is if they live long enough. Carla Turner, Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider and dozens of dead astronomers and other scientists did not live long enough to tell their stories to the press since the 1950s. They, and others, died under very mysterious circumstances, before they could come forward with planned books, films, photo evidence and speaking events to tell America and the world what they knew about these secretive programs.

Sooner or later, we are all going to know more about what has really been happening behind closed doors regarding the US military / Alien off-world joint programs and “blacklisted science projects”. Seventy years is a long time. I know there are men and women out there whose inner hearts and minds tell them they need to speak out and let others know what they have worked on, seen, heard, and been witness to. In the meantime, don’t get all excited about NASA’s big original idea of a saucer shaped craft. It’s most likely packed with reverse-engineered tech that they more or less stole from the hidden alien crashed ship warehouses at Wright-Patterson.

Here’s the report:

Re-post courtesy of CNN news:

(CNN)Keep an eye on the skies over Hawaii on Wednesday. If all goes to plan, NASA will be testing out a saucer-shaped craft that could hold the key to a future human mission to Mars.

The test flight was originally scheduled for Tuesday but was postponed because of unfavorable ocean conditions. The craft will splash down in the sea, so operators need to be able to recover it safely.

If conditions are suitable Wednesday, an enormous balloon will lift the test vehicle carrying the disc-like Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator, or LDSD, to a height of 120,000 feet, or more than 20 miles (32 kilometers), above Earth.

Then, mission controllers will set the LDSD free to fire its rockets and try out the centerpiece of the test: a giant supersonic parachute, measuring 100 feet (30 meters) across.

For those on the ground, live video will be relayed from four cameras aboard the pioneering saucer-shaped craft.

“You get to see all the same video I do, at the same time I do,” Mark Adler, project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said in an online news release.

“This year’s test is centered on how our newly designed supersonic parachute will perform. We think we have a great design ready for the challenge, but the proof is in the pudding and the pudding will be made live for everyone to see.”

Updating decades-old technology

Last year, when the LDSD was tested for the first time — also launched from the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Missile Range facility in Kauai, Hawaii — the deployment of the parachute was the only fly in the ointment, when it didn’t inflate as expected.

This time around, a new design is being tested: the Supersonic Ringsail parachute, which NASA says is the largest supersonic parachute ever tested for use on Mars.

Current technology for decelerating from high speeds during reentry into the atmosphere to the final stages of landing on Mars dates back to NASA’s Viking Program, which put two landers on the Martian surface in 1976.

The basic Viking parachute design has been used ever since. It was successfully used again in 2012 to deliver the rover Curiosity to Mars.

NASA will need new and improved landing technologies to handle the larger spaceships of tomorrow and land them on rocky surfaces, as well as at higher altitudes.

Atmospheric drag

NASA scientists hope this saucer-shaped craft could be the key.

“As NASA plans ambitious robotic science missions to Mars, laying the groundwork for even more complex human expeditions to come, the spacecraft needed to land safely on the Red Planet’s surface will become larger and heavier in order to accommodate explorers’ extended stays on the Martian surface,” the agency’s website said.

This means the supersonic parachute will have its work cut out to create sufficient atmospheric drag to slow the vehicles down so they can be landed safely. Using drag for deceleration means precious fuel can be saved for landing maneuvers.

A third test flight for the LDSD is scheduled for the summer of 2016.


Extraterrestrials vs. Earth’s Secret Space Programs: Whistle-blower ‘Corey’ Comments, Links

et_headDuring the past few years numerous new age teachers, lecturers, and celebrities have piled onto Dr. Micheal Salla’s staggering revelations about the extent of earth’s previously undisclosed “secret space programs” – as told to Dr. Salla by ex-military black operative whistle-blower “Corey” aka GoodETxSGL. The statements being made so are far beyond “outrageous” as to stretch credulity til it snaps. I make no claims to believe any of the information I am currently investigating, but I am looking into it, nonetheless.
Any sort of irrefutable proof  of ‘Corey’s’ claims seems to be near impossible to gain. We are being asked to take a wild flying leap of faith as colossal today as we were all asked back in the late 1980s. Other baby boomers like me might remember those early days:  the truth seeking community had no formal name. We were not yet known as “the alternative news community”.  We were independent free thinking inquisitive people from all walks of life, who knew that many things in American society did not make sense to us. We wanted to know what was really going on. Stories and word-of-mouth rumors about UFOS, reptilian sightings, Dulce, secret underground military bases, the Greys, etc were flying around everywhere in profusion. The internet had not been invented yet. Xerox copied and stapled “underground newsletters” about these topics were passed around, dog eared, from friend to friend.
New Age bookstores seemed to be a good gathering hub for how and where to get more information. Conferences had begun to gather speakers and events to share what was known at the time. When whistle-blowers began to come forward [ like the now deceased Phil Schneider, Bill Cooper, and Carla Turner, for example ] screaming ever louder with every new report that there was a malevolent “secret world government” converging in the shadows, part of a larger, older, international dynastic crime cabal, which was not only collaborating with numerous off-world species in covert military and scientific experiments, but was also acquiring all the assets and resources of the world. This cabal intended to eventually control and merge all of the governments of the nations, into an eventual “one world government” superstate, a ‘new world order.’  National boundaries would be dissolved. A unified currency would replace individual nations’ currencies, the US constitution would be made obsolete, etc.  At that time in the late 1980s, our willingness to believe the information we were presented with was strained to the very breaking point. Believe me, it was MUCH EASIER not to believe any of this material. It was psychologically safer to proceed as if it was wild hearsay, “conspiracy theories”.
It all seemed IMPOSSIBLE to accept. It was easier to relegate the entire to conundrum of unproven theories and “whistle-blower revelations” to the realm of journalistic psychosis, grandiose sci-fi stories, calculated to fill stadiums at conferences or sell books for authors.  There was bliss to be had in such willful ignorance. There was a sense of personal safety which could be maintained in the not-knowing. But it would never last for long, as the gnawing internal pea-within-the-mattress rubbed against the urge to figure it all out and DO SOMETHING to protect oneself against a larger, more ominous truth which pressed in, just beneath the pleasant daily routines of life, urging the soul NOT to give up, to keep looking, keep reading, searching, learning.
Now it is more than 35 years later, and the cold evidence is piled from floor to ceiling that yes, there IS a wicked crime cabal running the world through the international banking system, and their activities are mega-criminal on a scale that is as difficult to describe, as it is incredibly HUGE.  We are being asked to accept the next surreal outrageous set of facts and bizarre news reports: that we’ve had our own ‘secret space programs’ on earth for decades, some of them ancient, and that just about everything we thought we knew about the human species is incomplete at best, flawed at worst, and that the truth is so far beyond our wildest imaginings that a person must sit down with their head in their hands and just sob over it.
How far is TOO FAR? What should we make of what we are being told by these “whistle-blowers” returning from the abyss of their black ops, to report to the world what they have done? When will final, titanium solid, irrefutable PROOF be presented which will substantiate these stories with more than just an invitation to the next new age conference or a ticket to the next “alternative film documentary” premiere?  These are my thoughts today as I explore the links and information below.
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Quote Originally Posted by roninView Post
question please goodet.are their any other planets that are human habital and have people been relocated to these planets.
their are stories of whole villages going missing in the past,without any clue where the residents have gone.
theory is mass abduction for re colonising a planet!

I have gone into great detail about this with DW but did not want to discuss it on the video’s because of the “Fear Porn” factor…

Yes, there are plenty of inhabited planets and moons all through out the Galaxy… and YES Entire Villages have gone missing. I didn’t know many people knew about that.

There have been “Off World Groups” that have done a lot of “Grab and Dashes” with individuals, small groups and even entire “Small Villages” (Mostly to never be seen again.)… To be taken off to be used for many “purposes”…

The ICC-SSP is also involved (As are many other groups including Secret Earth Government Syndicates) in the “Human Trafficking” Trade (To be used as commodities for bartering with other “Races”)…

It is a crime against humanity and will be answered for someday… Those who are rescued from these situations or from other beings who have been slaves are not able to be returned to Earth fo Security and Psychological Reasons. There are many “Recovery Colonies” I guess you could say in other Solar Systems where they are being treated well and are healing.

Interesting question indeed… One I have stayed away from as much as possible.



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Video Reports on Comet Ison Range from Scientifically Solid, to Strange, to Inexplicable

“Stan, are the aliens going to save us???”

Just as the approach of 12.21.2012 brought with it a deluge of citizen produced alternative news video reports, from the totally credible, possibly brilliant to the utterly foolish and inane, the approach of Comet Ison is inspiring a WIDE range of citizen reporting as well.  Most interesting are some of the Russian news reports.


Oh, the legends, lunacy and lore that approaching comets inspire.

I have gathered up a handful of these alternative news videos covering Comet Ison, all of which I find fascinating, to demonstrate how the passing of a comet brings out all kinds of interesting news coverage: good, bad, awesome, intelligent, far-fetched and even downright difficult to explain.

I found all of these videos to be extremely entertaining. I’m not sure how credible or accurate some of them are, but they are all VERY entertaining, nonetheless. Enjoy.

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