Ancient Alien Angel

Ancient Alien illustration

This blog is a repository for internet material that I discover which gives evidence for the theory that an alien race called the Annunaki colonized our world more than 450,000 years ago and genetically altered primitive Neanderthal humans to create a slave race for their gold mining operations.  As preposterous and far fetched as this theory sounds, it is indicated in the Old Testament, sections of the Urantia Book, and evidence continues to mount that there may be some modicum of truth to these speculations.

It is my personal belief that the “Advent of the final Son of Perdition” foretold in the Christian Book of Revelations is related to this ancient earth shattering event [ the original arrival of the Annunaki ] and that the end times related appearance of the “counterfeit Christ” may possibly accompanied by the return / public re-appearance of the Annunaki in some form or another.

Our skies are chock full of “aerial signs and wonders” which defy explanation, and although I believe that approximately 70-80% of what we are seeing are our own US military secret craft, the high technology used to build and operate these craft originally came from someplace beyond the sole repository of the human imagination. As a well known author recently stated on Coast radio about the legend of the Annunaki:  “They never left.”

I needed a place to stash my ongoing research on this topic and this is the place. I hope you will find this helpful. I won’t be writing much. I actually believe the dots to be connected are very apparent in the evidence itself, and it shouldn’t be too hard for the visitor to come to a clear understanding of what we need to watch for, by studying some of the material I am compiling here. Personally, I hold fast to God and I am disinterested in almost everything that human society has to offer. Therefore I have no interest in participating in any sort of “human movement to force the federal government to de-classify what they are holding”. I actually believe that the Holy Spirit will take care of that function for us, through people like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and the dozens of others who by now have become uncomfortable enough with what they know to break rank and begin to publish. May God watch over their souls and protect them and their families.

For those who have already lost their lives to tell the truth to their fellow Americans and the world, let’s not have those lives be lost in vain. Share what you learn here, and lean on God, not your own understanding, as to how to proceed.  Above all, be not deceived by the tsunami of lies which is now covering the earth. Try to claw your way to the top of the garbage heap, grab a breath of fresh air and keep praying for DISCERNMENT above all else.


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