2016 Discoveries: Could Rumored “Planet X” Actually Be “Planet Nine”?

Modern Astronomy

“The key observation is that there are these Kuiper Belt objects, the most distant objects beyond the orbit of Neptune, the ones that swing out the farthest from the sun so they’re the ones that are the least affected by the eight planets that we know, all of those guys suddenly swing off in that one direction,” Brown said. “Which is really a bizarre thing to realize.”

Since as early as 1983 astronomers around the world have debated the existence of a possible rogue planet or brown dwarf, orbiting outside the fringes of our solar system’s Kuiper Belt. This hotly contended possible object was early named “Planet X.” Debates have raged for decades over whether such a celestial body, whether a failed star or planet, actually exists. Some have referred to this object as “Nibiru”. Recently the old debate took a new turn, as Caltech astronomers have published findings of…

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