Getting to Know Pluto and It’s Five Known Moons: New Photos Soon!

Modern Astronomy

“Nix, Styx, Hydra, Charon and Kerberos” – the five known moons of Pluto all have magical sounding fairy names which make them sound a little bit like the five known dwarves [ or gnomes] of the solar system. Hilariously, at least two of these moons, ‘Hydra’ and ‘Nix’, have very odd wobbling irregular orbits which match their names as well. NASA scientists described some of these orbits as more akin to “tumbling in absolute chaos.”

Soon, after nearly a decade in space, and having traveled the unimaginable distance of 3 billion miles from our humble home on earth, the space probe “New Horizons” will finally arrive in close proximity to Pluto, hopefully to provide humanity with it’s clearest, sharpest, most high resolution photos of the planet to date. The target date is July 14th 2015. Mark your Pluto social calendars people. We’ve got a date to get a better look…

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