Advances in Robotics May Make Deep Space Exploration More Plausible

Alt News Reports

 Japan’s recent advances in robotics sit on the leading edge of the industry as this blog post is published in late 2014.

In the popular science fiction movie epic “Interstellar” the central character returns from a momentous deep space voyage to other worlds in another galaxy to be confronted by the fact that although he has aged very little, due to traveling at near the speed of light for extended periods of time, his own daughter is now so advanced in years that she is a great-grandmother, now on her death-bed. Most everyone else he knew on earth before he left have long since passed on. He’s been gone for 122 years, but it only seemed a few months to him in transit.

The logistics problem presented by the attempt to find a way for human beings to traverse the colossal distances of deep space has been the unsolvable riddle…

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