Unexplained Sounds, Booms, Whines, Machine Noises Coming From the Sky On the Rise in 2013

This phenomenon [ unexplained loud sounds and booms ] began years ago. I first documented it in blog posts back in 2008.  I actually believe the phenomenon began much earlier. The infamous “Taos Hum” tormented Taos locals back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, making people sick by the hundreds, and it was never satisfactorily explained. Congressman, [and later governor ] Bill Richardson even got involved in trying to solve the mystery of the “Taos Hum” but it went nowhere.

The bizarre phenomenon of loud inexplicable aerial sounds, whines, grinding machine sounds, booms, crackling sounds and more continues in 2013 with incidents occuring globally and documented by hundreds of people. Since more people than at any time in human history now carry some sort of phone which can record sound and shoot video, incidents which are documented then uploaded to YT are soaring. Here are just a few of those, and of course, total silence is the response from dumbfounded local and federal officials, who, if they DO know what the source of these sounds are, are NOT disclosing what they know.

I can’t complete this post with a clear conscience without reminding the reader than one of the classic “pole shift warning signs” which the earth herself will give in months and years preceding a slippage of the crust is that of loud inexplicable booms, grinding sounds, whines, sharp cracking sounds and more.  I published a complete list of “pole shift” warning signs and sounds back in 2008.  Most of that page’s content has now been restored.






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