Marshall Masters Video Update Nibiru, Planet X, Fall 2013

I continue to study video reports on Planet X / Nibiru because my deepest gut instincts tell me there is something out there, and that it is definitely incoming, not because I want to “believe” in Nibiru, or because I want to save face. I still have that unshakable intuition that the whole world is being lied to about this fact of suppressed and censored astronomy. I study reports because the Holy Spirit continues to prompt me to do so.

Marshall Masters has lost alot of credibility since 2012, and he is not alone. What the NWO Illuminati elites would love more than anything in the world is for all reporting and research on Nibiru to be completely ignored and ridiculed by a distracted, dumbed down and cynical public.  I wanted to see what Marshall has been up to this summer, so I visited his site at this morning. Here’s what I found.

Since Marshall has stated that this is the “video so many people have been waiting for” [ ? ]  I am re-posting it for my readers. I haven’t finished watching it, so I hope I don’t end up regretting this. Right now I am VERY concerned about Comet Ison and what might happen in Mid November 2013 instead.  We still don’t really know what’s out there RE: Planet X aka Nibiru.  Some like Marshall feel they already know Nibiru is real beyond all shadow of a doubt. What I feel is that the Spirit won’t let me ignore this topic. I keep returning to it again and again because, I, like hundreds of millions of others around the world, want to know the truth about Nibiru and the second sun brown dwarf with seven orbiting satellites which may be coming our way. God won’t allow me to let this topic go. And He is who I cling to and answer to, so I am researching it again this fall. Let’s see if this new video by Marshall Masters from the summer of 2013 has any new credible and convincing scientific hard evidence in it.

“I’ll be the first to admit that the predictions of the past were in the ballpark, but they were not spot on.” – Marshall Masters, said in discussing the many false alarms that have been reported about Planet X / Nibiru / brown dwarf system.


Incidents of meteors, meteorites, and exploding fireballs have increased exponentially in the past 8 years. This is hard science that we can examine and track. Where are these space objects coming from? I have theorized that these objects are the advance debris field of the approaching Nibiru brown dwarf system.
There has been a steady increase in the amount of methane gas being released in the oceans in the past 8 years. This presents a serious threat and could eventually be the cause of numerous climate related disasters.
There has been a steady increase in the amount of methane gas being released in the oceans in the past 8 years. This presents a serious threat and could eventually be the cause of numerous climate related disasters.

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2 thoughts on “Marshall Masters Video Update Nibiru, Planet X, Fall 2013

  1. look into government papers back in the 40;s and through to the 60’s the gov found it and named it nemesis they have watched for years preparing themselve but not us its pathetic if we all die and they are left whos gonna do all their dirty work haha get praying the times are coming in real fast, this is being seen from the west southwest and was originally seen from neymeyer station antarctic now gov has shut the bases down i havent looked lately but i doubt there is any access for us ,namaste

    • Darling I know all about that and have been writing about it since at least 2008. Early this year I had another news blog yanked off the internet entirely and disappeared into Siberia because I “outed” the very facts you just cited to me. The year was 1983 and the article appeared in the NYT newspaper. I have written at least 200-300 reports on this topic since 2006. They have interfered with at least 3 blogs I author due to this. Screenshots [ visit ] is clean for now and still flying under the radar, so I publish just as fast as I can – while we have time. What just happened in the Philippines will soon be happening all over every coastline on earth. The massive loss of human life will be incalculable. The Bible has foretold all of this. Go and run some searches on and there you will find 100s of pages of my work on Nibiru / Nemesis, second sun videos and pole shift warnings.



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