US Air Force Flying Object Landing in New Mexico: UFOs Identified, Finally!

We may have built them in D.U.M.B.S. with swapped out alien technology [ we swapped them some human abductees in exchange for some of their old has-been technology, and promptly got SCREWED in the deal ] – [ Google Greada Treaty 1954 ] but, woo-hoo! Look at those stupid space cowboys coming in for a landing in their big ole bad ass USAF flying machine. Too bad we have now lost our dignity, our integrity, our national sovereignty, our US Constitution and our country’s future to a gang of slime covered scaly soulless monsters, who want to eat us all and pillage our world for their gain while we languish in FEMA camps for having the audacity to try to stop them. And why was this all done? So that our idiotic males in the US military could have the biggest most awe inspiring military toys on the block. Yeah, we’re primitive all right. The Alien races with their one world government agenda have played our big smart military men like violins. Now our world is doomed to fight these creatures in never-ending covert wars for decades, which is slowly bankrupting every modern nation on earth. Never give a teen aged species the car keys. What would you expect would happen?



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