Photography at the Speed of Light: What One Trillion Frames Per Second Looks Like

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The video presentation below was made in 2012 by Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, at MIT. Super slow motion photography has broken through an incredible new barrier: we can now take photographs of moving objects at one trillion frames per second, which actually captures and slows down the movement of light to the observer, revealing it to the naked eye. Raskar explained in his demonstration just exactly what the implications might be for science, technology and military uses, providing several stunning demonstrations.  Feel free to share.

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Advances in Robotics May Make Deep Space Exploration More Plausible

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 Japan’s recent advances in robotics sit on the leading edge of the industry as this blog post is published in late 2014.

In the popular science fiction movie epic “Interstellar” the central character returns from a momentous deep space voyage to other worlds in another galaxy to be confronted by the fact that although he has aged very little, due to traveling at near the speed of light for extended periods of time, his own daughter is now so advanced in years that she is a great-grandmother, now on her death-bed. Most everyone else he knew on earth before he left have long since passed on. He’s been gone for 122 years, but it only seemed a few months to him in transit.

The logistics problem presented by the attempt to find a way for human beings to traverse the colossal distances of deep space has been the unsolvable riddle…

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Video Reports from Karen Hudes: Secret Annunaki Overcontrol of the World

Everything you suspected is true. Listen and read about what corporate whistle-blower Karen Hudes has to say. The evidence is so staggering it boggles the mind. Browse her website packed with hundreds of pages of cases at I hope she lives to continue her truth sharing mission. Please say a prayer for her. She is one of the bravest people I have ever learned about, and a personal hero of mine.


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2016 Discoveries: Could Rumored “Planet X” Actually Be “Planet Nine”?

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“The key observation is that there are these Kuiper Belt objects, the most distant objects beyond the orbit of Neptune, the ones that swing out the farthest from the sun so they’re the ones that are the least affected by the eight planets that we know, all of those guys suddenly swing off in that one direction,” Brown said. “Which is really a bizarre thing to realize.”

Since as early as 1983 astronomers around the world have debated the existence of a possible rogue planet or brown dwarf, orbiting outside the fringes of our solar system’s Kuiper Belt. This hotly contended possible object was early named “Planet X.” Debates have raged for decades over whether such a celestial body, whether a failed star or planet, actually exists. Some have referred to this object as “Nibiru”. Recently the old debate took a new turn, as Caltech astronomers have published findings of…

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Mike Adams: ‘UFO’ Video-Recorded Over Los Angeles Was a Thermonuclear Missile Launch

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11.21.2015 #BlacklistedNews

This video is part one of a 4 part video produced by Mike Adams, reporter for Health Ranger. After you listen to there should be links that come up for the rest of the other parts.


Published on Nov 8, 2015

The launch of a Trident missile (thermonuclear weapons platform) over Los Angeles is the US Navy’s warning to China and an effort to prevent escalation into World War III.

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Huge Unusual “Fireball UFO” Filmed Over Siberian City

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This UFO video-recorded over Siberia by someone in an auto while sitting in traffic looks almost identicalto the one seen and video-recorded by dozens of people up and down the coast of California just a few weeks ago. See second video below the first clip.

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